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The Maine Commission for Community Service initiated the VolunteerMaine Partnership in 2002 as part of its responsibility to be a catalyst in solving challenges faced by the volunteer sector by addressing four identified priority needs: 

  • Professional development/training volunteer administrators, 
  • Increased sustainability and capacity to meet local needs, 
  • Increased engagement of citizens as volunteers and 
  • Technical assistance for and coordination among volunteer programs.


Any non-profit organization, state or local government organization or committee may register opportunities on this site once agreeing to policies listed herein. 

Any resident of Maine is welcome to visit the site for the purpose of finding a volunteer opportunity, making an in-kind donation, applying for a board of directors position or seeking training or participation in emergency response opportunities.

  • is a one-stop internet resource for volunteers and program staff.
  • Volunteer programs can recruit new volunteers, let donors know what goods or services they need, and reach potential board members.
  • Program staff can access online training and explore resources for improving program operation.
  • Citizens can search for opportunities to volunteer that match their interests.

Excellence and Expertise

VolunteerMaine Promotes excellence in program operations and supports expertise among volunteer program staff through development of a statewide training system for volunteer program sponsors and administrators.

Peer-to-Peer Networks

Promotes development of regional, self-managed networks of staff responsible for community-based volunteer programs to foster sustainability, professional development, and cooperative work.

Volunteer Emergency Response Networks

Known in some regions as COADs, County Organizations Active in Disaster, this effort promotes understanding, respect, planning, and coordination between the traditional and non-traditional programs that mobilize in response to local emergencies. Learn more about COADS and volunteering in times of disaster here.