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Conference Sessions (AM)

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conference logoSession 1:  9:45 - 11:00 AM

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1A. Reading a RAP Sheet: No it's not music  
As background checks for volunteer applicants expand to include criminal history checks, volunteer leaders increasingly find themselves trying to align RAP sheets and agency policies. The Maine State Police/State Bureau of Identification (SBI) is the central repository for all Maine criminal history dating back to 1937. SBI processes over 500,000 background checks for law enforcement and the general public every year, including employers across the state that use SBI to obtain background checks on potential employees.  

This presentation will cover:

  • General SBI information 
  • What crimes are maintained/not maintained
  • How criminal information is received 
  • How to read a public RAP sheet
  • An individual’s right to challenge results
  • How records can be sealed
  • Question and answer time

PRESENTER: James Woodside, SBI Specialist Supervisor, Maine State Police, Augusta, ME

1B. Stacking UP: Maine Volunteer Management Practices  
CANCELLED. Dr. Handman has been called out of state and is unable to attend. 
PRESENTER: Dahlia Handman, Professor, University of Southern Maine, Portland, ME

1C. Ready or Not? Organizational Plans for Immediate, Emergent, + Temporary Needs 
Challenges to community life arise from many events: sudden closure of a business, fires and floods, introduction of new addictive substances, and more. Agencies with volunteer engagement experience are often in the middle of designing the solutions. Ed Molleo and Caity Hager (Portland Cities Readiness Initiative) will share their experience of engaging volunteers in non-traditional roles and the organizational planning needed to meet emergent needs. While Ed’s expertise is based in Public Health Volunteerism and Caity’s in the Southern Maine Community Organizations Active in Disasters (SMCOAD) and her work with CRI/Portland, both have lessons useful to every agency that finds itself in the midst of responding to new community challenges. 
PRESENTERS: Ed Molleo, State Coordinator, ME-MRC; Volunteer Management, ME-CDC Public Health Emergency Preparedness, Maine Medical Reserve Corps; Maine CDC, Augusta, ME
-Caity Hager, Emergency Management Coordinator, City of Portland

1D. Burn-Out Prevention!  Self-Care, Community-Care, and Sustainable Volunteerism  
Have you ever felt exhausted by your work? Unsure you can keep going?  Have you struggled to support a volunteer who expressed burn-out?  Do you notice volunteers seem unreliable or stressed out?  This session will use social science research to guide an interactive workshop on burn-out prevention, resulting in self-care plans for attendees and new ideas for building more sustainable volunteer programs in organizations. 
PRESENTER: Kimberly Simmons, Sociologist, Portland, ME

1E. Peer Problem-Solving for Experienced Volunteer Managers 
 Are you a seasoned volunteer manager, someone who has mastered the basics and seeks advice on how to handle a complex challenge? Is so, this session is for you. Based on the “Mastermind” peer sharing model, we will break into groups for intensive brainstorming. Each participant receives dedicated time to pose a current challenge to other volunteer managers, receiving ideas, resources and guidance from colleagues who truly understand their concerns.

Masterminds have been used effectively by volunteer managers to resolve an array of issues – everything from setting policy, to influencing leadership, to maintaining work/life balance. Take advantage of this opportunity to approach your work with a new perspective. For volunteer managers with 3+ years of experience.  
PRESENTER: Elisa Kosarin, Principal, Twenty Hats, Falls Church, VA