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Conference Sessions (PM)

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conference logoNOTE: It is possible to attend ONE Seminar or TWO Sessions in the afternoon. 

Seminars:  2:00-4:30 PM

These SEMINARS are double sessions (all afternoon).  It is possible to take ONE Seminar or TWO Sessions in the afternoon.  
Options for Session 2 and Session 3 follow the Seminar options.

Seminar A. Behavior‐Based Interviewing for Specialized Volunteer Roles
How would you like to master an interviewing technique that increases the retention and overall fit of highly specialized, high commitment volunteers - volunteers like the docents, advocates, or group leaders that you need to sustain your program?Behavior-based interviewing has been demonstrated to lower volunteer drop out rates and raise the average volunteer time commitment. It also increases the likelihood that the volunteers you bring on board will be reliable, cooperative, and motivated to do their best.In this workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Craft behavior-based interview questions that zero in on the competencies you seek - including professional skills and interpersonal strengths
  • Interview with behavior-based questions to achieve objective results
  • Evaluate a candidate's responses to minimize the "maybe" zone and know which volunteers to bring on board

You can also expect to:

  • Get super-clear on the competencies needed for your volunteer roles
  • Know when to incorporate behavior-based questions - and when to retain traditional questions as appropriate
  • Address a candidate's "EQ," or emotional maturity

PRESENTER: Elisa Kosarin, Principal, Twenty Hats, Falls Church, VA

Seminar B. Sustaining a Lifelong Commitment to Service  
If “you can’t lead anyone else further than you have gone yourself” (Gene Mauch) then making a long-term or lifetime commitment to serving others requires us to develop practices that support our own thriving and sustainability within the work. We’ll share how Trekkers leverages community resources and promotes self-care practices for our staff, volunteers, and students for long-term personal and organizational sustainability. This workshop will challenge all of us to hold up the mirror, walk the talk, and develop a vision for a long-term commitment to service leadership. 
PRESENTER: Meredith Lynt, Director, Trekkers Training Institute, Rockland, ME

Seminar C. Introduction to Volunteer Management  
If you stepped into the leadership role of a volunteer program and then thought “whoa! This is more complex than I thought” this quick-start session on volunteer management is just for you! Volunteer programs are constantly changing. New positions to fill, changing programmatic need, new volunteers, retiring volunteers... the variables go on and on! Volunteer Management 101 presents the basics of volunteer management as a dynamic process that can be followed and adapted to support any program--large or small, established or brand new--as these simple principles have survived the test of time!   
PRESENTER: Jared McCannell, Grants Manager, Alfond Youth Center, Waterville, ME

Session 2: 2:00 – 3:10 PM 

Select one option for Session 2 and one for Session 3 if you do not select an afternoon seminar.

2A. Are You Business Ready? Corporate Employee Volunteer Programs   
CANCELLED. Dr. Handman has been called out of state and is unable to attend.   
PRESENTER: Dahlia Handman, Professor, University of Southern Maine, Portland, ME

2B. Oh, Yes They Can! Unexpected Roles Volunteers Fulfill  
Volunteer leaders are creative people, especially when it comes to engaging folks in their work. Come give your creative thinking and planning a jump-start by hearing how these Maine leaders expanded their thinking and what opportunities for community volunteer engagement resulted. 
PRESENTERS: Susan Asselin-Hawthorne, Volunteer and Intern Manager, Sweetser, Saco, ME 
- Ed Molleo, State Coordinator, ME-MRC; Volunteer Management, ME-CDC Public Health Emergency Preparedness, Maine Medical Reserve Corps; Maine CDC, Augusta, ME 
- Kelli McCannell, President, Hardy Girls Healthy Women, Waterville, ME 
- Japhet Els, Director of Outreach, AARP, Portland, ME

2C. Balancing Efficient Volunteer Management + Volunteer Info Protection  
Have you heard of PII – Personally Identifiable information? You probably have some electronically stored in your volunteer records. Whether kept on servers or sent through email, nearly every business or organization controls, manages, transmits, or stores a certain type of data known as “personally identifiable information.”  Personally identifiable information (PII) is generally understood as a collection of sensitive material which, taken together, would be sufficient to locate, contact, or otherwise identify a single person.  

As volunteer managers turn to technology to handle applications, selection processes, communication, hours reporting, and more, it is important to be aware of the laws governing protection of PII and what can be done to secure PII.

2D. More is less? The volunteer stewardship framework and models 
Scholars have devoted much attention to developing models of volunteer administration and management. In recently completed research reported in the September 2019 issue of Nonprofit Management and Leadership, Dr. Brudney and colleagues from the Netherlands developed the Volunteer Stewardship Framework. In this session, Dr. Brudney will explain the framework, give participants an opportunity to complete a survey related to the framework, and consider how it may be useful for their own work. Dr. Brudney is attending through skype and will be assisted by session faciliator, Pam Zeutenhorst. 
PRESENTER: Dr. Jeffrey L. Brudney, Betty and Dan Cameron Family Distinguished Professor of Innovation in the Nonprofit Sector, University of North Carolina Wilmington  

Session 3:  3:20 - 4:30 PM (Select One)

3A. Why don't people read my signs, exhibits, publications?  
You have been charged with creating a table top display for a career fair/conference/special event about your agency or organization. This event could be a major recruitment and outreach method for your coming year.  Past displays have created little traffic or visitors.  This workshop will cover how you can create that exhibit/display/poster so as to grab the attention of the visitor/client and have them ask for more.  The best practices featured in the presentation will help you create better signs, displays, publications and outreach materials that work. 
PRESENTER: Tom Mullin, Associate Professor of Parks and Forest Resources, Unity College, Unity, ME

3B. Youth Day of Caring 101: A Case Study  
Where does one start when the school district decides to get involved in a Day of Caring? How do you ensure success for the service sites and the youth who volunteer? After all, volunteering is a “habit” to develop when you are young! This session will be event management 101 and use as the case study, the Youth Day of Caring in Biddeford for 100 plus student volunteers. 
PRESENTER: Nehemie Joseph, Volunteer Coordinator, Heart of Biddeford, Biddeford, ME

3C. Free Help! How AmeriCorps NCCC Can Get It Done  
Have you said recently "If only we had the resources…" "If only we had the extra hands..."?  What would your agency do with 3200 hours of no-cost labor to accomplish a short-term intensive project?  Renovate the food bank? Riprap streams? Build ramps? Construct a rec facility?  AmeriCorps NCCC can help! Our session will teach you how to apply for NCCC teams at no cost beyond the necessary materials.  It starts with a simple concept and grows into a strategy to meet your needs at minimal cost.  NCCC, The National Civilian Community Corps, is a full-time, team-based service program for men and women aged 18–24.  NCCC members are deployed in teams of 8-12 and serve in local communities across the nation. 
PRESENTER: Michael Ashmore, Program Dev.& Training Officer, Maine Commission for Community Service, Augusta, ME