By Trudy Hamilton

Welcome to 2010! The holidays are over, and we have a brand new year just stretching out in front of us! Imagine the possibilities, seize the moment! A tradition many of us participate in at this time of the year happens to be making New Year’s Resolutions. Usually, my only New Year’s Resolution is refusing to participate in that tradition.

That said, I took some time this season to think about Resolutions. You cannot turn on your television, open a magazine or newspaper, without hearing about them! Resolutions from celebrities, along with people willing to tell you what your resolutions should be, and how to meet that mountain of goals you are setting up! Community newspapers filled with cute elementary students who have sent in their Resolutions as a class project, complete with original spelling and grammar! Of course, Resolutions must be of monumental, life-changing focus, mustn’t they? Maybe not. While pondering, I thought to see what the definition of a resolution is, in this context. I discovered that a resolution is, quite simply, a decision to do something or behave in a certain manner. This was my A-ha! moment, at last!

What, you might be thinking, do resolutions have to with volunteer management? My thought is make just one resolution…make a decision to do something. It could be setting aside an hour a week for professional development…or an hour a month. It could be taking advantage of the terrific tuition offers for Project Invest and completing one of the courses. It could be thinking about what you would like your volunteer program to look like at the end of the year, and what it would take to get it there. It could simply be taking the time to update your records, policies, or procedures. It could be evaluating what you are currently doing, and deciding to take something off your plate. Of course, it could also be simply making the decision not to do anything, as well.

The point is, a Resolution can be a small step in the right direction…and a journey of a thousand miles begins with one small step. Don’t over-promise, over-commit, or over-stress with your Resolution, if you make one. Simply enjoy the path it leads you on.

Trudy Hamilton is the Manager of Volunteer Resources at SeniorsPlus and a guest blogger.

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