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Does Every Volunteer Program Need a Blog?

Guest Post by Carla Ganiel Over at Problogger, Suzanne Falter-Barns asks “Have Blogs Killed Conventional Websites?” Meanwhile, Jason Preston of Blog Business Summit explains why every business should have a blog. Jason says, “If you wrote a blog about the … Continue reading

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Why Bother Getting a Certificate of Volunteer Administration?

by Larry Ullian “To put CVA after my name ensures to all that I will bring legitimacy, integrity and a high standard of performance to the area of volunteer management.”–Nancy Scott, CVA – Jewish Family Service, Calgary, AB, Canada, Retrieved … Continue reading

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Volunteer Manager or Manager of Volunteers?

by Anne Schink In a recent conversation with Katy Campbell who directs the CVA credentialing process, she explained that she was encouraging people to refer to the profession as ‘Manager of Volunteers’ rather than ‘Volunteer Managers’. The change signifies an … Continue reading

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MCCS Annual Report

The Maine Commission for Community Service’s Annual Report is now available.

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Professional Development: Always a Good Investment

by Chris Wolff I have been working with AmeriCorps since its inception back in 1994. It has been a rewarding experience, to say the least. I still can’t believe it’s been 14 years. Where does the time go? As I … Continue reading

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How Else Can You Target Recruitment?

by Bessie Wright As a “Millennial,” you might think that I’m experienced and well prepared for blogging. On the contrary, this is a first for me—one of many in this past year. Since beginning my career with AmeriCorps I’ve designed … Continue reading

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The Greater Good of Blogging

by Christy Monroe In the three weeks since this blog has launched we’ve seen a diverse snapshot of topics from across the field of volunteer management in Maine. Hot topics, burning issues, scorching successes…we’ve learned from them all. Blogging is … Continue reading

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Yes, It Is OK to Fire a Volunteer!

by Jodi Freedman Many times, I have had the conversation with staff and with fellow board members about whether or not a volunteer can be fired. I find it frustrating how many people believe the answer is no. I often … Continue reading

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Are We Overlooking What May Be Our Biggest Challenge Yet?

by Margaret Puckett I am an optimist. You know, one of those “cup is half-full” type of people. I tend to see every “challenge” that rears its ugly head as just another opportunity to succeed. As volunteer program managers we … Continue reading

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Boomer Managers, Ignore Millennials at Your Own Risk

Guest Post by Carla Ganiel The baby boomer demographic is the hot topic in volunteer management these days, but we are missing an opportunity of equal proportions if we fail to consider the impact of millennials, those young adults born … Continue reading

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