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Growing Your Orchard

Guest Post by Trudy Hamilton Spring has finally arrived, all at once, it seems. Often, when professionals think about volunteerism, gardening themes will come to mind…plant the seed, cultivate, and your volunteer program will grow and flourish. Usually, this seems … Continue reading

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2008 Governor’s Service Awards Announced

The 20th Annual Governor’s Service Awards were presented today in Augusta. Click here to see a full list of award winners.

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When to Start Involving Your Family

by Jodi Freedman My husband once worked for a company where every new employee had to spend a week in every department (he loved driving the forklift!) in order to truly understand the company. I think that this approach really … Continue reading

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Partnering With Higher Education: Why and How to Get Started

Guest Post by Michael Wilson There’s a movement for civic engagement in higher education. University presidents, deans, and professors are committing to more responsive relationships between their campuses and surrounding communities. These leaders aim to mobilize their colleges and universities … Continue reading

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First Impressions Don’t Always Count

Guest Post by Ann Swain I think if those of us who manage volunteers were asked to describe our view of the perfect volunteer, most of us would have a pretty definite idea what that volunteer would look like and … Continue reading

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Let’s Take a Look at the Real World of Volunteering

by Penny Kern Jodi’s post on THE WORST PATIENT really highlighted what some of us have been saying for awhile. The world of VOLUNTEERING and recruiting of volunteers has changed. Not totally because of the baby boomers but changed nevertheless. … Continue reading

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And It’s Off to the Races We Go…

by Margaret Puckett National Volunteer Week is less than two weeks away, and for those of us who hold our annual volunteer recognition event during that week, the big push is on to get everything done. The late arrival of … Continue reading

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Employees and Volunteers–What’s the Difference?

by Bob Moore Do you know the difference between volunteers and employees. Yes – employees get paid and volunteers do not – but there’s a lot more to it than that. The Fair Labor Standards Act defines volunteers as “individuals … Continue reading

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Resource Roundup: Need to Know Basics

by Christy Monroe Happy Friday! Although we’ve never made a formal announcement, Friday is our “resource roundup” day on the Volunteer Maine blog. From upcoming events and trainings to suggested resources for Maine’s managers of volunteers, Fridays are filled to … Continue reading

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More Than a Piece of Paper

by Larry Ullian A Profession is an occupation whose core element is work based on the mastery of a complex body of knowledge and skills. It is a vocation in which knowledge of some department of science or learning or … Continue reading

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