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Volunteering In America Report Released

Each year, the Corporation for National and Community Service releases a comprehensive report on the state of volunteering in America. This year’s Volunteering In America report is the most comprehensive set of data ever assembled – offering detailed information on … Continue reading

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Volunteer Burn-Out: A good-humored reminder from “the other side.”

Life seems to get busier and busier. This list is a humorous reminder that we should always nurture our volunteers, understand that they too have multiple competing priorities, and thank them at every opportunity! Some humor for your day. . … Continue reading

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Don’t stop asking. Don’t stop telling your story.

One of my most successful campaigns to recruit volunteers took place in the winter of 1991. As the Executive Director of a program called The Giving Tree, I was nearing the holidays with a shortage of a little over 120 … Continue reading

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Social Marketing: Friend or Foe?

This language has been thrown around a lot lately, and, probably like some of you, I ignored it or then tried to guess what it was. I just knew it was ‘hot’. And since I’m not, I decided I could … Continue reading

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If there’s one thing I like, it’s talking to people… in person.

Living in this fast-paced technology-dependent society makes communication with people very easy and very fast, whether through text messaging or email. In fact, I receive more emails in a day than phone calls I receive in a week which might … Continue reading

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A very interesting article on gas, the economy, and philanthropy. How will the changing economic times effect Maine’s volunteer sector? Check it out. Charities Crushed Under Soaring Demand They are serving more and more needy people while donations dry up … Continue reading

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Enthusiasm Critical

I used to volunteer as a co-facilitator for a cancer support group. When I started, we immediately followed up each weekly evening session with a de-briefing by the then volunteer coordinator. The de-briefing gave us a chance to discuss things … Continue reading

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Volunteering at the Maine Public Broadcasting Network

Guest post by Denis Howard Volunteers perform vital tasks at many nonprofit organizations and Maine Public Broadcasting Network (MPBN) is no exception. Volunteers assist at many levels of MPBN and are responsible for many of the duties associated with fundraising. … Continue reading

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SMCOAD: A Case Study, Part III

Guest Post by Mimi Mills Editor’s Note: This is the second of a three part series about Southern Maine Community Organizations Active in Disaster (SMCOAD). Part I focused on the mission and history of SMCOAD. Part II focused on the … Continue reading

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A Successful Volunteer Placement Begins with an Idea

by Chris Wolff A successful volunteer placement relies so heavily on good, targeted recruitment. Of course we all could use the help of a volunteer, and having that extra set of hands is so important to help initiatives move forward. … Continue reading

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