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Will Labor Force Participation Rates Affect Volunteering?

By Anne Schink In reviewing some literature I received recently about retirement, I came across some statistics that will probably affect volunteering rates. Post a comment to share what you think. The article noted that many people are planning to … Continue reading

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Does Your Organization Have Good Hygiene?

by Carla Ganiel I always look forward to seeing Seth Godin’s blog in my google reader. It is full of lessons about marketing that apply to many other areas of organizational management, including the management of volunteers. Take, for instance, … Continue reading

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Jump Right In

By Wendy Cattell I’ve administered the York County portion of for around eight months. In those eight months I’ve learned that to use a website effectively, you have to have some level of comfort with the site and how … Continue reading

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By Trudy Hamilton It’s been a wet and cranky summer, so far. I don’t mind a little rain, but this has been ridiculous! And, it makes me cranky, I found out. So, today’s blog is about my latest crank…giving volunteers … Continue reading

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Children as Volunteers

By Danielle Arbour I have to admit when I first became the Volunteer Coordinator for the Bangor Humane Society I was skeptical about having children volunteer. Even with an adult it seemed risky – what if they stuck their hand … Continue reading

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“Follow Up, Follow Up, Follow Up”

How many times have your good hearted, responsible volunteers failed to follow through on schedule? Your tried-and-true volunteers may miss a deadline or fail to show for a committee meeting. Some new recruits may neglect to return paperwork that you … Continue reading

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Attitude Adjustment…….

How many times have I heard parents of teenagers use those words when referring to their loving teens? Having survived three teenaged sons, I’m sure at some point one member of my family or another could have benefited from an … Continue reading

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Volunteerism in the News

A recent search on turned up more than 30 articles about volunteers! Julia Davis recently wrote an article entitled Volunteering benefits people and animals alike that mentions!

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Would you like to help select Maine’s AmeriCorps Programs?

Have you ever wondered who wins a Grant Competition? Why did “they” win and what was the process? We have an opportunity for those of you who have always wondered about these questions. The Maine Commission for Community Service will … Continue reading

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Volunteers Blossom at the Maine State Museum

I don’t know how many times I have heard from our volunteers, “thanks for letting me be here.” I am astonished and humbled whenever I hear that. But these people really mean it. They feel privileged to be a part … Continue reading

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