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One for Eighty

by Vicki Schmidt After a minimum of 220 hours of training, they are still rookies. We tell them when they receive their Firefighter certification, that they now have their training wheels. While certification isn’t required to be termed a firefighter, … Continue reading

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Online Competencies

By Anne Schink For the past several years Larry Ullian and I have been working to develop Competencies for Managers of Volunteers. We have also developed an online version you will find using the link: Many managers of volunteers … Continue reading

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Social Marketing

By Kim Laramy I have fun when I get asked to talk about Social Marketing – my voice gets faster, my hands start gesturing, I just have a GREAT time sharing this stuff! I’ve tried to figure out why – … Continue reading

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How Effective Are Your Volunteer Evaluations?

By Margaret E. Puckett Well, the summer rush of the annual junior volunteer program is over. I’ve finally had a chance to take some vacation time to rest and recharge my batteries. Returning to work, I’ve been sorting through everything … Continue reading

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Silent Gratitude

by Danielle Arbour Too often I think volunteers feel they are underappreciated and sometimes forgotten. As the volunteer coordinator for the Bangor Humane Society, my experience has been that with so many people who want to volunteer and such a … Continue reading

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Transitioning from volunteers to paid staff

By Bob Moore Unless you’re the rare exception who receives substantial financial backing right out of the gate, it’s unrealistic to expect that you organization will be able to afford paid staff early on. Most non-profits start with a small … Continue reading

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Welcome Danielle Arbour!

Danielle Arbour is joining the team! Look for her first post as a featured blogger next week! Danielle Arbour is the Volunteer and Events Manager at the Bangor Humane Society in Bangor, ME. She has worked for the humane society … Continue reading

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Council for Certification in Volunteer Administration (CCVA)

Many of you know, or have heard of, the Certification in Volunteer Administration. A group of AmeriCorps program directors and another group of community volunteer coordinators in Maine have both taken the course and successfully completed the program. It was … Continue reading

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Creative Ways to Recognize Volunteers

By Penny Kern One of the best pieces of advice I ever received as a volunteer manager was to ASK THE VOLUNTEER what type of recognition they like. Nothing was more frustrating to me than to receive a piece of … Continue reading

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“Hi! Nice to Meet You. Let’s Get Married.” How (Not) to Start a Relationship.

By Lori Tsuruda Lori will be a presenter at the 2008 Blaine House Conference Nearly everyone wants to be in a good relationship, but just as in our personal lives, it’s important to take the time to identify mutually beneficial … Continue reading

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