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International Volunteer Managers Day

By Anne Schink Unsung Heroes Get Applause While most of us know of organizations that use volunteers, very few of us know which of those organizations actually have an official Manager of Volunteers. November 1st is designated as International Volunteer … Continue reading

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Good intentions…

By Danielle Arbour As knowledge of the Bangor Humane Society spreads throughout our communities and Maine, I find more and more people approaching me with interests in volunteering. It’s great to not have to worry about recruitment because we have … Continue reading

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Whether it is a Recession, a Depression, or an Economic Challenge – Will it Have an Impact on Volunteerism?

By Noble Smith You bet it will! And do we as Commissioners, Volunteer Managers, elected or appointed officials in State Government or community leaders have any moral, ethical and support responsibilities given the current economic situations? Absolutely and without question! … Continue reading

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Links and Resources for Busy People

By Rochelle Runge When you’re a busy professional it’s so easy to get “caught up in it all” and forget to take time to stop and seek out new ideas. I hope you find some of these sites useful and … Continue reading

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Blog on Martin Cowling’s visit to Portland

By Anne Schink Last week Martin Cowling, a widely recognized expert on volunteer management from Australia, presented workshops at the Abromson Center at the University of Southern Maine for 50 volunteer managers from organizations of volunteer managers in York and … Continue reading

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Volunteering Reinvented: Strategic Planning for Human Capitol in the Nonprofit Sector

By Gretchen Van der Veer, PhD Nationally in 2007, 60.5 million volunteers contributed more than $150 billion in labor to the nonprofit sector, which in turn resulted in significant cost-savings and economic benefits for local communities. However, while more nonprofits … Continue reading

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Creating Esprit De Corps Amongst Your Volunteers

By Chris Wolff For many organizations, a new program year has just begun. New volunteers have been recruited. You’ve been working with your host site supervisors- those who are chosen to manage your volunteer on a daily basis. For some … Continue reading

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Volunteers: a help or hindrance

By Larry Ullian I’ve read somewhere and have heard that salaried people consider volunteers more trouble than they’re worth. This seems to be an opinion most often expressed by people in emergency management and related professions – e.g., firefighters, emergency … Continue reading

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What a September!

Message from David Eisner Dear Colleagues, I admit it – I’m overwhelmed. The power of the last 10 days has demonstrated that the momentum we’ve felt for months around service and volunteering has only intensified and is getting stronger. Think … Continue reading

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