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Everyone is Feeling the Pressure

by Margaret E. Puckett It has been a rough winter. The bad weather and an even worse economy have taken their toll. Everyone seems to be getting just a little bit more testy than usual, and the impact on the … Continue reading

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By Robert Moore With tax time here, I thought a blog on deductions allowed by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for volunteers might be timely. The IRS allows several different deductions that volunteers can take advantage of in exchange for … Continue reading

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Get Acquainted Activity for LARGE Groups

By Penny Kern Years and years ago at the Volunteer Conference, I participated in a get acquainted game that has stuck with me and I’ve used many, many times. If you have never attended this conference (held in October), you … Continue reading

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Target Audience

By Danielle Arbour Volunteering for the Bangor Humane Society is different. Our environment is high risk, fast paced and very emotional. We need individuals experienced in positive animal handling and training that don’t mind getting their hands dirty. We need … Continue reading

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Make Training ‘Stick’

By Anne Schink In the book, Primal Leadership, the authors express the frustration of many professionals involved in training, by exploring how to make training ‘stick’ with an individual so that it actually changes behavior. The key is that training … Continue reading

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Volunteer While You Wait for the Bus

Information Age Volunteerism – Open Sourced! Crowdsourced! By Ben Rigby, Click here to read a very interesting blog about volunteerism in the age of facebook, flicker and the like.

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Get Involved!

By Tudy Hamilton With the start of a new year, and a new administration, there seems to be lots of energy and hope around “change”. Change is happening all around us, and I challenge you to get involved! We can … Continue reading

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Help Volunteers “See the Changes”

By Carla Ganiel I recently read A Raisin in the Sun, the classic play by Lorraine Hansberry that tells the story of an African-American family struggling to grasp the American dream. I found this exchange between the would-be physician Beneatha … Continue reading

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