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Will You Be My Friend?

by Carla Ganiel How many of you are using facebook, twitter or other social media to recruit volunteers? I mean really using it? I’ve encountered several of my favorite organizations on facebook. I’ve even “friended” some of them, but I … Continue reading

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By Trudy Hamilton Spring is upon us (I know it doesn’t seem like winter is releasing its grip). Spring always makes me feel alive, after a long, cold winter. For some reason, the cold really sank into my bones this … Continue reading

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How to Coach a Timid Volunteer

By Ann Swain Over the years, most volunteers I have managed would never be characterized as ‘timid’. People who are somewhat shy would not take it on themselves to volunteer unless their assignment did not call for interaction with other … Continue reading

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Be A Hero: Consider Joining AmeriCorps

By Melissa Boyd Last Friday, I presented at the 4th annual Southern Maine Council on Transition Youth Conference entitled “Be Your Own Superhero…the sky’s the limit!!” which was a professional conference for high school students with disabilities and others regarding … Continue reading

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Blog: Impending flood of volunteers: Are we ready?

By Larry Ullian President Obama wants to raise the number of National Service volunteers by a whole lot: from 75,000 to 250,000 positions for AmeriCorps. Already according to USA Today, online applications are coming in three times faster than a … Continue reading

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Targeted Recruiting

By Anne Schink In her classic book “The Volunteer Recruitment Handbook”, Susan Ellis notes that “Recruiting is the third step.” She makes the point that before you spread the word far and wide about ‘we need volunteers’, your organization needs … Continue reading

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