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By Noble Smith In every generation, some piece of local, regional or Federal legislation, or some momentous activity or occasion or some human event initiates a life-style change, a change that affects almost every aspect of our country. Certainly when … Continue reading

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Serve America Act? Why Maine cares.

By Maryalice Crofton If you are a manager of volunteers who has not supervised a Foster Grandparent, AmeriCorps*VISTA, Senior Companion, AmeriCorps Member, or RSVP volunteer, the headlines around Kennedy Serve America Act may have left you feeling “How nice for … Continue reading

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Marketing…Your Agency, Your Program, Yourself

By Trudy Hamilton It’s been a fairly cool spring this year, so far. As usual, if I can’t go out and play in my garden this time of year, my mind will wander, and I’ll start thinking of the strangest … Continue reading

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The VolunteerMaine Blog Needs Volunteers, Too

By Carla Ganiel Did you know that this blog depends on volunteers? In fact, for the first six months it was run by an editorial board composed entirely of volunteers. As the chair of that intrepid group, I spent a … Continue reading

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Perfection…What Does It Look Like?

By Ann Swain Do you know a perfectionist? Are you a perfectionist? If you know a perfectionist, do you like that person? And if you are a perfectionist, do you like the person you are? Do you think others like … Continue reading

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WERU Honors AmeriCorps Week

By Leah Deasy Searsport District High School is a small school in rural Maine with few extracurricular activities beside the most popular sports and a drama club. With just over 250 students its hard for any one activity to attract … Continue reading

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Lasting Impact of AmeriCorps Programming

By Chris Wolff To kick off AmeriCorps Week, I would like to highlight the impact of AmeriCorps on the communities in which AmeriCorps members serve, and share some of the highlights from my program. We work hard to match our … Continue reading

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Answering a Call to Service

By Alison LePage To be honest I had never really thought of becoming an AmeriCorps member. I graduated, went on to have a successful career, and 15 years later found myself compelled to respond to a posting that happened across … Continue reading

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Service Learning: An Opportunity for Youth in Our Communities

by Pete Phair Back in the 1970’s, seeds of legitimacy were planted that, with careful social cultivation, began to blossom into the budding concept we now know as community service. Flower analogies aside, back then, adults were the primary volunteers … Continue reading

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AmeriCorps: Behind the Scenes

By Hannah Wilhelm One of the most rewarding parts of past volunteer experiences for me has been the instant gratification. Several years ago, I helped a Philadelphia nonprofit with a weekend farm stand. I got to meet customers who had … Continue reading

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