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Changing Traditions

By Trudy Hamilton I’ve discovered over the years that many volunteer programs are steeped (sometimes simmered to the point of curdling) in hallowed traditions and graces ranging from souvenir recognition memorabilia to elegant recognition events to awards named after someone … Continue reading

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Recruiting Student Volunteers

By Elizabeth Cole It’s late August. The sounds of crickets, katydids, and back-to-school commercials fill the night air. But before you start mourning the loss of yet another summer, remember that the change in seasons isn’t all bad for volunteer … Continue reading

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Successful Volunteer Management is Key

By Suzanne Gastaldo Successful management of volunteers is key to securing funding. What better way to justify your bottom line. We employ a mere 2.5 full-time positions, but oversee 140 volunteers who successfully implement our mission, fundraise, strategize and direct … Continue reading

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Fund-raising in Today’s Economic Conditions

By Noble Smith Being in the development business for 50 years does not make one an expert, but it certainly provides a plethora of fodder for reflection, plenty of laughs and personal commitments not to make the same mistake again. … Continue reading

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Volunteerism – A Beneficial Job Seeker Strategy

By Heather Banester Bassett Remember being told, throughout your high school years – “Get Involved”, “The more well rounded you are the more likely you’ll be accepted into college.” Well, this remains to be true even throughout your working years. … Continue reading

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By Pete Phair Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Twitter… BlackBerry, Palm Pilot, iPhone… email, mp3, 3G & 4G networks… Google, Bing, Yahoo… Can you even imagine what our lives would be like without these household terms, companies and gadgets? Do you recall … Continue reading

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My “Ah-ha” Moments

By Rachel Church Let me tell you a story from my childhood. I was maybe seven years old, if even that, and watching my Saturday morning television. I can’t tell you what the program was, but I do remember the … Continue reading

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Tweeting in the Corner – Social Media at NCVS

By Sharon Tewksbury-Bloom Last month I attended the National Conference on Volunteerism and Service in San Francisco. This was the biggest and most spectacular gathering of volunteer leaders and change agents ever in the United States. The organizers really outdid … Continue reading

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What is a Pro Bono Volunteer?

By Anne B. Schink Managers of volunteers are busy people, especially today with tight budgets and increased pressure to bring on new volunteers. In most nonprofit organizations, serving on the Board is a leadership role; consultants provide short term expertise; … Continue reading

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Youth/Adult Partnership: An Exploration

By Deb Bicknell Youth and adults working together to make positive change in the world; a beautiful vision, a creative and powerful solution to solving complex problems, a worthy endeavor and not always as easy as it sounds. Being able … Continue reading

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