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“Professional Development”

By Trudy Hamilton At the recent Blaine House conference, there was quite a bit of information about professional development in the volunteer management career path. Much of the information was about the exciting, new opportunities being created by leaders in … Continue reading

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What is Driving the Non-Profit World Today?

By Noble Smith Reduced philanthropic support and demand from potential donors that non- profits operate cost-effectively, within budget and tightly managed! It is clearly obvious and critically necessary to recognize that private sector fund-raising in a difficult economic environment is … Continue reading

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Your Expertise is Requested!

By Rochelle Runge In partnership with, the Maine Commission for Community Service sponsors both this Blog and the VolunteerFare Newsletter, in and effort to provide you with news and information on the sector and relevant educational topics to help … Continue reading

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Open Volunteerism

By Jeremy Keith Hammond The prefix ‘open’ has become applied to many new terms, particularly in online conversations. It describes an approach to design, development, organization and distribution. Open-approaches are most often considered free, though not just in price, but … Continue reading

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A Little Structure Goes A Long Way

By Pete Phair I am currently in the midst of a state-wide campaign to draw new volunteers into the WinterKids fold for our upcoming season. In a nutshell, we are putting some structure into the volunteer process and in many … Continue reading

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How will the “I Participate” campaign affect me?

By Lauren Kelly Earlier this summer, an announcement was made that will forever change the way our nation volunteers. The Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF) announced that it, along with The Corporation for National and Community Service, will launch the “I … Continue reading

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By Anne Schink Have you heard the moans of protest? They are probably coming from the volunteers, their supervisors, and their organizations when they are reminded of the importance of keeping accurate records of volunteer time and the time required … Continue reading

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(Mis) Understanding Adult Learning

By Elizabeth Cole Two weeks ago I replaced my grandfather’s outdated internet browser with one that was more current and theoretically easier to use. After teaching him the basics, I started to show him some of the more advanced tools … Continue reading

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Volunteers in Police Service (VIPS)

By Liz Allen, VIPS Coordinator for the Auburn Police Department As you can imagine, volunteerism is a fairly unique concept in law enforcement. But well-trained community volunteers can help fill critical gaps in program support and provide essential technical expertise. … Continue reading

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