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Recruiting through the Internet using

By Maria E. Hinteregger Ten years ago, potential volunteers would contact a program by phone, mail or even in person. Many of our organizations had no website and some even lacked computers. People could find out about us by connecting … Continue reading

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By Judy Altman We all know the importance of volunteers and how we couldn’t live without them. There’s always going to be one of those people who mean well but make you crazy. Take a couple of Advil and tell … Continue reading

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The Preliminary Steps for The Art of Asking!

By Noble Smith You think that you know all the earthly sins in the world, particularly those surrounding the Art of Asking, well what are the three most flagrant ones in all of philanthropy? You are right if you immediately … Continue reading

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Nonprofit Communication in the Digital Age: Changing Times, (mostly) Same Old Criteria

By Sarah Ryan, Ph.D. If your nonprofit doesn’t have a second life presence, are you doing a disservice to your clients? Probably not. If you don’t provide economic data on your website, are you failing your donors? Maybe so. These … Continue reading

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Planting the Seeds of Grassroots

By Curtis Picard and Shelley Doak Recently, both the Maine Merchants Association and Maine Grocers Association were able to be key players in a new endeavor in Maine, called Got Your Bags, Maine? The campaign is looking to reduce the … Continue reading

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By Michael A. Aiguier Recharging our batteries. Rekindling the passion. Getting your groove back. Whatever you call it, finding ways to remind ourselves of why we do what we do is necessary to enable us to do the best job … Continue reading

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“Being Nice”

By Anne Schink When one of my children was having a very hard time in school, she came home with a report card in hand looking very sad for a little girl. She said wistfully “I just wish they gave … Continue reading

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