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Proud to be a Gypsy

by Vicki Schmidt Some of my best friends are Chief Officers in urban, fulltime “round-the-clock” staffed Fire Departments. Another coalition of friends are career firefighters in fully staffed shift-scheduled union Departments. And then there are my firefighter friends and fire … Continue reading

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When Expectations May Not Become Reality

by Ann Swain In all parts of our world, there are many people with the greatest desire to offer their expertise in a volunteer capacity. In preparing for retirement, I often ask the prospective retiree, ‘do you have a plan?’ … Continue reading

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A New Role for Me…and for UMaine Cooperative Extension

by Jen Lobley, M.ED, CVA Having been with UMaine Cooperative Extension for almost 10 years working in the area of 4-H Youth Development, I now find myself with a new challenge. I have recently been named Statewide Extension Educator for … Continue reading

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The Greatest Generation

By Trudy Hamilton I’ve been trying to think of a top-notch, really exciting and inspiring topic to blog about this week. I’ve been left with “Blog Blank”, or perhaps “Blog Blahs”. I’ve also been reading Brokaw’s “The Greatest Generation”, and … Continue reading

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The Art of Asking – Proven Suggestions for Success!

By Noble Smith D-Day Has “Commeth” Some will view this day in panic, dash for the white gloves, Or seek a preacher’s script, determine whether a magician or a witch doctor approach would be most successful! It is none of … Continue reading

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“Let’s Invite Them to our Party!”: What to Say When you Want to Increase Diversity in Your Organization (and Can’t Find the Words)

Sarah Ryan, Ph.D. When it’s time to give the talk about “increasing diversity” to staffers, volunteers, donors, or board members, it can be tough to find the words. Drawing upon social science research and best practices from the public sector, … Continue reading

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Youth Leadership, Empowerment, and Making a Difference, cont.

By Josephine Cooper and Carl Lakari Last month, we featured a blog from Project AWARE Coordinator, Carl Lakari. This month, we are featuring a letter from one of their youth volunteers, Josephine Cooper. I want to share with you a … Continue reading

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Serving in the Peace Corps – Part II

By Margaret Mayo If you missed part I click here. 4. What is Peace Corps service like? In two words, Peace Corps service is eye-opening. It’s easy, in America, to ignore what goes on in developing nations and just go … Continue reading

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Coaching part II

By Elizabeth Cole My nephew is going through the why phase. You know, the phase where you can’t go more than three minutes without some existential discussion? “Auntie Liz, Why do ants live in the dirt?” “Because they like to.” … Continue reading

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Who is the manager of volunteers?

By Anne Schink, CVA I recently taught a class for managers of volunteers and it was interesting to see who actually showed up for the class. We had an executive director (the only paid staff) of a local land trust, … Continue reading

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