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If I Get Hit by a Truss

by Michele Ober While I was a middle school math teacher for only a few years, two principles have recently proven useful – develop your own “If I Get Hit by a Bus” book and “don’t reinvent the wheel.” As … Continue reading

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Nonprofit Buzz – A Collection of Trends Related to the Third Sector

By Caitlyn Horose I spend a lot of time thinking about issues related to non-profits. I guess it makes sense since I work for three organizations in the sector and volunteer for a handful of others on a fairly regular … Continue reading

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Portland Trails Bayside Rain Garden Plantings

by Charlie Baldwin This spring, the Portland Trails Volunteer Program has focused on planting the new Bayside Trail that connects the Eastern Promenade to the Bayside neighborhood via an abandoned rail corridor. This former industrial site was a clutter of … Continue reading

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Improving Maine’s Youth Volunteer Rate: Service Learning

by Michael Ashmore The Corporation for National and Community Service recently released Volunteering in America 2010. This website shows volunteering trends, statistics, tools, resources, and information for the nation, U.S. regions, states, and major cities. Despite the economy, Maine’s volunteer … Continue reading

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What Composes the Art of Asking in Today’s Atmosphere?

by Noble Smith Over the past six months, I have written several blogs around the subject of asking for philanthropic support – the content of those articles is even more valid today given not only because of the slowly stabilization … Continue reading

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Volunteering and Dad

by Michael Aiguier Most of what we do with our father’s growing up really could not be classified as volunteering. Mowing the lawn, scraping the house for painting, shoveling and piling wood come to mind as activities I was “recruited” … Continue reading

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The Invasion of the Interns: How to Manage the High Season of Borrowed Exuberance

by Sarah Ryan, Ph.D. Summertime represents a shift in gears for most nonprofits. Youth organizations fill more hours each day with programming, legal organizations prepare for fresh sessions of autumnal judicial fact-finding, and a lucky handful of public sector employees … Continue reading

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An AmeriCorps Week Story

by Samantha K. Buck My 10 months of service with the Maine Conservation Corps (MCC) began in early January, but the cold winter air had no effect on the warm spirits of the others joining me during orientation. Right from … Continue reading

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Personal Empowerment

By Anne Schink Many managers of volunteers express discouragement when they argue that no one in their organization knows what they do; they have no access to senior management; they do not think of their current position as a step … Continue reading

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