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Engage in a little professional development while giving back to your community!

by Jen Lobley The Machias Blueberry Festival takes place each year on the third weekend of August. The event has taken place for 35 years! There are a variety of activities that happen throughout the weekend. There’s the children’s parade, … Continue reading

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A Different Kind of Experience

by Penny Kern This weekend, I helped at an open house for a wildlife rehabilitation center. This is a VERY grassroots, mom and pop organization and the volunteers are people like me – they have an interest and a desire … Continue reading

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Youth Civic Engagement: Sometimes It Looks “Green”

by Matt Robinson Picture a blue tarp piled high with the contents of one lunch period’s garbage, displayed outside a middle school cafeteria. “Wait a minute. This is all from just one lunch period at our school? If we multiply … Continue reading

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Engaging Volunteers Through “Individual Volunteer Plans” (IVP)

by Michele Ober A year ago, a volunteer inquiry came across my desk with name, contact information, and interest in three different areas in the organization. I proceeded to contact the volunteer leaders of each area asking that they send … Continue reading

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Neutral Meeting Facilitation – Difficult and Critical.

By Jane Haskell You all work with groups. Sometimes you lead the group. Sometimes you facilitate the group. Sometimes you are there to train or participate as a member. Sometimes you are in multiple roles. What is a facilitator vs. … Continue reading

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What does a car designed in the image of a cat have to do with fundraising?

By Rochelle Runge Right away anyone can see this is creative, but what makes is a fundraiser? I am a volunteer with the Humane Society of Knox County and recently worked with their Volunteer Coordinator, Joan Vargas, to create sponsorship … Continue reading

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Register for the 2010 Blaine House Conference on Volunteerism!

by Michelle Mason Well, it’s that time of year again! The registration for the 2010 Blaine House Conference on Volunteerism is now open! This year’s keynote speaker is Susan Stroud, the Executive Director of Innovations In Civic Participation and Co-Director … Continue reading

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Making do with more

by Michael A. Aiguier Sometimes a volunteer manager will find themselves with the fortunate situation of having an over abundance of people willing to help out in their organization. In this situation, it can be tempting to throw one’s hands … Continue reading

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