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By Eileen Buzzello Assuming you are a charitable organization in Maine, maybe not. Maine is one of only nine states in the United States that still follows the common law doctrine of charitable immunity. Under Maine law a director, officer … Continue reading

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Engaging Distributed Volunteers- Part I

By Joan Davis As Managers of Volunteers you may be fortunate enough to have your team close by and can call them together for a face-to-face huddle any time of the day. But perhaps instead your work covers a broad … Continue reading

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Purposeful Innovation

By Anne B. Schink Let’s see. So far our blog posts built upon The Charismatic Organization, the book by Shirley Sagawa and Deb Jospin, we have discussed the importance of being mission-driven, creating a positive organizational culture, and being faithful … Continue reading

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By Eileen Buzzello You may not think of Maine and disaster in the same sentence, but we do have them. Luckily we don’t experience volcanoes and earthquakes, but we do have hurricanes and tornadoes – not to mention spring flooding. … Continue reading

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Moving Pictures: A resource for even the smallest program

By Patricia F. Kimball I am a big fan of the written word. I love to read and I love to write. Sometimes I actually think my preferred mode of communication is pen and paper. Or screen and keyboard. But … Continue reading

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Make a Difference: I’ll Help You While You Help Me

By Matt Robinson MAKE A DIFFERENCE! That is a bold challenge. It is just the challenge that the eighth grade students at Pemetic Elementary gave to the attendees at last week’s 11th annual KIDS Consortium Student Summit. Pemetic students planned … Continue reading

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Strategy Pyramid

By Penny Kern I recently took a VERY part-time position with the American Red Cross and every chapter across the state is reorganizing to become regionalized. This is taking some rethinking and a lot of planning to pull everything together … Continue reading

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