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Social Media and Nonprofits—A Powerful Mix

by Daniel Martinage There’s no question that Social Media is changing dramatically the way we communicate and network. Sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are woven deeply within our personal and professional worlds. Social media allows organizations to reach out … Continue reading

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Traveling Volunteers

by Sharon Tewksbury Since February 1st of this year, my fiancé and I have been travelling throughout the United States and Canada, volunteering almost every week with a different project; seven months, over 27 states and 3 provinces, over 10,000 … Continue reading

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Service-Learning in Out-of-School Time: Capitalizing on the Perfect Opportunity

by: Shammara Wright Studies show that three to six pm is the most dangerous time for youth. It is during these hours children become most likely to commit crime (juvenile crime triples during these hours), be the victims of crime, … Continue reading

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Meeting Agendas: Parts and Pieces

by Jane Haskell If I walk into a meeting and there is no agenda, I shudder. All sorts of assumptions fly into my mind about the upcoming meeting’s effectiveness or efficiency. Most of these assumptions are negative because I am … Continue reading

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A Tough Economy and Our Volunteers

As I write this, I am at a conference discussing how the economy is affecting the residents of public housing. The outlook is not good, I am afraid. And so I wonder, we all know that the economy is affecting … Continue reading

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by Penny Kern My September blog was due and I didn’t have any ideas. I Googled “volunteer management” and came up with ABOUT.COM. What a terrific site. I’ve used it before, for a lot of other things, but I never … Continue reading

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Blog post on Pro Bono Volunteers

by Anne Schink Working with pro bono volunteers requires a different mind set than your previous experience in dealing with direct service volunteers. You need to be prepared to engage highly skilled volunteers when you have the opportunity. To learn … Continue reading

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Why Professional Development is Important…why you should attend the 25th Annual Blaine House Conference on Service and Volunteerism

by Jen Lobley There’s a reason why I didn’t go into sales for a career…I hate selling things. Just ask my husband. He owns a floral business. When I would help out on the busiest holidays like Valentine’s Day or … Continue reading

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Powerful Positions Descriptions Make a Difference

by Lori Tsuruda At first glance, a position description seem like a dry, bureaucratic exercise, assigning vague responsibilities ending with “Other tasks as needed,” but position descriptions are actually among the most powerful, clarifying tools that an organization can create. … Continue reading

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Being a Culturally Competent Volunteer

by Christine Laurel If you volunteer your time and talents through an agency or other community organization or if you work with volunteers, training or recruiting, then you know how important volunteerism is in Maine, providing services and minding the … Continue reading

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