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How is your group evolving?

by Jane Haskell If a group is having stellar success or woeful dysfunction, I know it can often be attributed to various process or structural conditions, such as agendas, working agreements, personal leadership balance, or neutrality. I also am aware … Continue reading

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Youth Voice in Service-Learning Projects

by Laura Rog As a professional who provides training to teachers for service-learning, and as someone who oversees a team working on project implementation in schools across the country, I often see a disconnect with how youth voice is spoken … Continue reading

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The Coaching and Philanthropy Project: Implications for Nonprofits

by Daniel Martinage A 2010 study of nonprofits use of coaching finds that coaching is an effective tool for strengthening nonprofit leaders. The Coaching and Philanthropy Project (CAP) took a comprehensive look at coaching in the nonprofit arena to determine … Continue reading

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Blaine House Conference, 2011

by Eileen Buzzello I had the opportunity to participate in the 25th annual Blaine House Conference this past week. This is Maine’s only conference targeted toward volunteer managers and administrators and the theme this year was “Imagine Service”. Hopefully many … Continue reading

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Experience Corps Joins Forces With AARP!

by Lester Strong Imagine this: “Older adults in service to children are an integral part of the education strategy across America. Through this generational exchange, children succeed, older adults thrive and communities are made stronger.” This is the vision of … Continue reading

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Blaine House Session Highlights Advocacy by Nonprofits & Service Programs

by Brenda Peluso Unfortunately many nonprofits believe if they work to influence public policy, they risk losing their tax-exempt status; therefore, they do not participate fully in our democracy and the expertise they possess and the voices of their constituents … Continue reading

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Taking Service From Nice to Smart – Using Service-Learning Techniques to Build Your Service Experiences with Youth

by Laura Rog As a service-learning trainer with generationOn, I meet regularly with inspiring educators from around the country. I get to hear amazing stories of how these educators work to help youth make their mark on the world, and … Continue reading

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What Can You Do to Support STEM and Service-Learning?

by Matt Robinson “As Maine goes, so goes…” well, you know the rest. That old chestnut is coming true again with the development of the Next Generation Science Standards. At last month’s gathering of science educators in Orono, Education Commissioner … Continue reading

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