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AmeriCorps Alums at the White House

by June Carlson On Friday, August 17th I gathered in front of the White House with 150 other AmeriCorps Alums representing 24 states. First on the agenda is to take advantage of an excellent photo opportunity. Luckily enough, AmeriCorps Alums … Continue reading

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More on Motivation: Cues from the Business Sector

by Anne Schink My past blog on volunteer motivation focused on the traditional understanding of what attracts and sustains volunteers. This blog expands on the work in a book entitled Drive by Daniel Pink. It’s a fascinating study of how … Continue reading

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Strategic Planning Outcome Metrics—What’s Realistic?

by Daniel Martinage, CAE This past weekend I facilitated a strategic planning session for a national nonprofit foundation. As the plan began to take shape, the question of metrics was raised—specifically what measures will be put into place to track … Continue reading

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Making the Most out of the NCVS

by Meaghan Arzberger Attending my first National Conference on Volunteering and Service, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I was completely blown away by the sheer number of workshops and people in attendance. I highly recommend that everyone try … Continue reading

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