Anne Schink Featured in Meet the Expert

Anne Schink, Program Officer at the Maine Commission for Community Service is The Resource Center’s featured expert for February 2008. The profile highlights Anne’s efforts to develop a community of practice to pursue the Certificate in Volunteer Administration through the Association for Volunteer Administration (currently sponsored by the Council for Certification in Volunteer Management or CCVA) and her work developing the commission’s volunteer management competencies.

An initiative of the Corporation for National and Community Service, The Resource Center is an online repository of tools and training materials for volunteer and service programs.

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2 Responses to Anne Schink Featured in Meet the Expert

  1. Christy Monroe says:

    The CNCS Resource Center is an worth checking out and bookmarking. There are tons of helpful tools to be found at this site. Also, there are short courses in volunteer management and other topics that are available to anyone who creates a login (you don’t have to be an AmeriCorps member or staff). This login is mainly there to give participants an opportunity to save a course mid-way and return later to finish. Definitely worth checking out.

    Thanks Carla for posting this highlight of Anne. It’s inspiring to see that our Maine Volunteer Management Community has leaders that are accomplished, recognized, and respected on the national level.

  2. Penny Kern says:

    Congratulations to Anne. We always new she was terrific. It’s nice to see that others agree.

    The Resource Center is very helpful and worthy of a bookmark and return visits.

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