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Not So Pretty In Pink

by Daniel Martinage, CAE This past weekend I facilitated a workshop on Keeping Your Board above Board for a small nonprofit organization based in New Mexico. Part of our discussion centered on the need to have crisis plans in place … Continue reading

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Best Social Media Resources Wrap-up for 2011

by Daniel Martinage, CAE My post this month is short on words and long on links. Posted below are the 10 most popular social media posts from Nonprofit Tech 2.o, a blog created and is managed by Heather Mansfield ( … Continue reading

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Micro Volunteering – The Wave of the Future?

Patricia Kimball On a recent troll through the internet for resources, I got lost in a few articles related to “micro-volunteering”. Have you heard of it? Apparently, the jury is still out about how much impact it will have on … Continue reading

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Moving Pictures: A resource for even the smallest program

By Patricia F. Kimball I am a big fan of the written word. I love to read and I love to write. Sometimes I actually think my preferred mode of communication is pen and paper. Or screen and keyboard. But … Continue reading

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Strategy Pyramid

By Penny Kern I recently took a VERY part-time position with the American Red Cross and every chapter across the state is reorganizing to become regionalized. This is taking some rethinking and a lot of planning to pull everything together … Continue reading

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3 Organizational Communication Trainings that Can Add Value; Part II: Newswriting

By Sarah Ryan, Ph.D. I’ve now offered tips for meeting and interviewing trainings. This month, the topic is newswriting. While print newspapers are dying out, news is proliferating. Successful organizations now produce pithy news content for Twitter, multi-media substance for … Continue reading

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Your Brand Online: Personal, Organizational & Cause

The challenge is to empower volunteers to create content and manage accounts while maintaining control of both your brand’s image & message and your critical information such as logins and passwords. Continue reading

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Tips for Increasing Traffic to Your Nonprofit’s Website

by Marc A. Pitman I was recently asked if I knew the best way for a website to come up on search results when people type in key words. I’m not an SEO expert, and I’ve never played one on … Continue reading

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Make it easy for your volunteers to build your brand.

By Emily Brackett If your organization relies heavily on volunteers, make sure there is a system for easily maintaining your brand standards. Your brand is an extremely valuable asset, and you want to ensure that your volunteers value, maintain and … Continue reading

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