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In Pursuit of Impact

Here at Reimagining Service, a national multi-sector coalition dedicated to increasing the impact of volunteers, we are thrilled to find out about a compelling source of data that clearly links volunteerism to nonprofit effectiveness. This, of course, has huge impact … Continue reading

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Volunteering as a Pathway to Employment

While the national and Maine unemployment rates are declining, 7.6% and 6.9% respectively, they are still numbers that are daunting to the unemployed and to the employed feeling job instability. This blog post is coming to you from someone that … Continue reading

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Don’t Just Expand Your Program, Expand Your Thinking

by Jennifer A. Smith The decision to expand your volunteer program (or start one) can seem overwhelming. “How will I find the people?” you might wonder. “How do we mobilize them? Who’s going to manage all the details?” If you … Continue reading

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Charismatic Organizations and Volunteers

Recently I was asked to present a workshop on volunteer management using Shirley Sagawa and Deb Jospin’s book “The Charismatic Organization” as a framework. I recommend the book highly. Its focus in not primarily on the role of volunteers in … Continue reading

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Why Do WE Volunteer?

By Pete Phair I have a couple of good friends who spend many weekends every year maintaining their respective sections of the Appalachian Trail. Another just received a coveted Volunteer of the Year Award from an organization she has done … Continue reading

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The Greatest Generation

By Trudy Hamilton I’ve been trying to think of a top-notch, really exciting and inspiring topic to blog about this week. I’ve been left with “Blog Blank”, or perhaps “Blog Blahs”. I’ve also been reading Brokaw’s “The Greatest Generation”, and … Continue reading

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Your Expertise is Requested!

By Rochelle Runge In partnership with, the Maine Commission for Community Service sponsors both this Blog and the VolunteerFare Newsletter, in and effort to provide you with news and information on the sector and relevant educational topics to help … Continue reading

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