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Survival Skills in Volunteer(Vacation)land

This year has marked a lot of firsts for me: my first time writing a blog post (yes, I admit it), my first time attending the National Conference on Volunteering and Service, and my first time managing a volunteer program. … Continue reading

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It is really not about work/life balance

Blogs about work, life and balance are a theme for me. A quest. I hear it is for others, too. I get asked to do workshops on work/life/balance. I wonder why since I feel like I am constantly struggling to … Continue reading

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Succession Planning

Recently I gave the “if I were hit by the bus” talk. When someone leaves your organization unexpectedly, whether it is a chief executive, a leader, a board member, key staff person or a valuable volunteer, major disruption results. It … Continue reading

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Meetings and Our Circles of Conflict

by Jane Haskell When we work with groups, we can help individuals in the group shift from thinking about personal agendas, axes to grind, positions, pet projects, or whatever we (or they) want to call it. We can encourage the … Continue reading

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Orienting Volunteers- Why Bother?

by Megan Welch I used to volunteer early on Wednesday mornings at a soup kitchen on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. I loved the high energy, vibrant conversation and constant flow of coffee that kept everyone moving in the … Continue reading

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Volunteer & Staff Roles

by Anne Schink The subject of volunteer/staff relations is a topic that frequently appears on requests for training. At one workshop we decided to create a list of responsibilities, dividing them into two columns—one for staff and one for volunteers. … Continue reading

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How to Maximize your Volunteer Program’s Visibility at a Large Event

by Katie Klein This year the Inauguration made MLK Day extra special, and Saturday January 19 was declared a National Day of Service. I work for ITNAmerica™, a national nonprofit for senior transportation started in Maine. We were invited to … Continue reading

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Spotlight on Volunteer Leaders

by Anne Schink Is the term ‘volunteer leader’ a contradiction in terms? Is your view of volunteers someone who ‘just does what needs to be done?’ Or is a leader a board member? For the group of participants in a … Continue reading

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Combine Two Big Ideas and What do You Get?

by Matt Robinson Don’t you just love it when an idea drawn from one discipline is tweaked just a bit to apply in another? Recently I encountered two ideas from well-known author and journalist Daniel Pink (and although his focus … Continue reading

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