Dear Santa…

By Pete Phair

Dear Santa,

I know you’re busy dealing with returns of toys, ill fitting clothes and inappropriate gifts right now, but I hoped that I might get an early start on my wish list for next year… Please see what you can do and I will do what I can to be a good boy…

• World Peace- I thought I’d start out big- give me world peace and I won’t ask for anything else- not even a new DS! I promise. Well… maybe only a couple of other things…
• Volunteers- I don’t need many, just 150 or so and I promise to treat them with kindness, respect and undying gratitude. ‘Cause that’s how volunteers should be treated.
• Volunteer Recruiters- wouldn’t it be great if every volunteer begat a volunteer? And they would beget a volunteer, and so on and so on… Most are great at it and maybe just asking them to recruit others is enough, but just in case, can I get recruiters wrapped up in a nice decorative bow?
• Volunteer Trainers- Someday, I hope all my volunteers will be so comfortable with our programs and training protocols, they will beg to train the trainers! Could I get some of that next xmas?
• Volunteer Support- Is there room in your bag for more books by Susan Ellis, more presentations by Martin Cowling and more professional development opportunities from local heroes like Anne Schink and Larry Ullian?
• Volunteer Retention- Please help me make the volunteer experience for all volunteers so spectacular, they can’t wait to do it again.
• A New Snowboard- Ok sorry, I couldn’t resist. And please, make it not hurt when I fall…
• Volunteer Back-up Plans- Like those backup generators in hospitals, when a volunteer has to bail, can I have one ready to step in?
• Twenty-Ten or Two Thousand Ten- If no one else will, could you please choose? Your choice will be in place for the next millennium so choose wisely (that’s what you do anyway- right?)

And lastly Santa, as you pass from house to house next Christmas, can I ask you to please spread a word of encouragement for families everywhere to thank the volunteers they know about, join the volunteers they observe and teach their friends & family members about all the benefits of serving a larger community. There truly is no better way to celebrate the holidays!

Happy belated holidays to you and yours Santa. Ho ho ho.

Pete Phair is the Outreach Coordinator at WinterKinds and a featured blogger.

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