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Developing a Volunteer Orientation Program

by Megan Welch Last week, I wrote about the importance of developing a volunteer orientation to enhance the experience of your volunteers and create well-rounded volunteer management program for your organization. This week, I will explore the steps towards creating … Continue reading

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Orienting Volunteers- Why Bother?

by Megan Welch I used to volunteer early on Wednesday mornings at a soup kitchen on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. I loved the high energy, vibrant conversation and constant flow of coffee that kept everyone moving in the … Continue reading

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Giving Volunteers Feedback That Makes a Difference

by Pete Kontakos and Jessica Edmondson Volunteers can be the lifeblood of any organization – especially many non-profit organizations. As such, retaining trained and experienced volunteers can be critical to the success of your organization. It only makes sense to … Continue reading

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Orientation is the First Step in Training Volunteers

by Jen Lobley Training and orientation are not one in the same. Yet in recent conversations with some of my colleagues, I have noticed that there seems to be a bit of confusion. This became very apparent to me when … Continue reading

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