What’s so Interesting About Pinterest?

by Daniel Martinage, CAE

Just when you think it may be a good time for your nonprofit to test the social media waterways, up pops another big internet fish—in this case, Pinterest.

Pinterest debuted in March 2011 to lukewarm reviews. Less than 6 months later however, it became the new social media sweetheart by becoming the fastest independent site to hit 10 million monthly unique visitors in the US.

Pinterest Logo

Pinterest Logo

Branded early-on as a “women’s site,” Pinterest quickly proved it had a broader and more diverse appeal. Although women continue to be the largest percentage of Pinterest “subscribers,” there’s a whole lot more going on there than exchanging recipes and wedding ideas.

Here are some of the latest Pinterest statistics as reported by Comscore and Mashable:

• 28% of users have an average household income over $100k;
• average user spends 16 minutes a day on Pinterest;
• half of the users have children;
• 68% of Pinterest users are women;
• Pinterest gets 1.36 million visits per day;
• half the users are between the ages of 25-44;
• Whole Foods has the most followers on Pinterest.

Okay, this is all fine and good, you may say, but what does it have to do with NPOs? Well, a lot —at least potentially. Although like other social media networks, it’s not “cool” to overtly push your cause, Pinterest’s rich image format attracts followers who share an interest or passion for your cause. This attraction has the potential to increase your organization’s followers exponentially.
Some examples of NPOs that have embraced Pinterest include the National Wildlife Federation, Water.org and the Humane Society of New York Woof-Adopt A Dog.

One particularly thorny issue concerning Pinterest deals with copyright issues. Experts are contemplating what is and is not copyright infringement. The issue is further complicated when you consider that pinning a copyright image actually creates hype and interest—something many copyright holders desire.

In this volatile world where today’s “honey” can become tomorrow’s “left over,” it’s difficult to predict just how influential Pinterest will become. That being said however, the time is definitely right to discover what’s so ‘pinteresting’ about Pinterest.

For more information on Pinterest and nonprofits check these sources out:

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Daniel Martinage, CAE, is an executive coach and consultant specializing in nonprofits and associations. The former executive director of the International Coach Federation, Dan also serves on the Selection Committee for The Washington Post Award for Excellence in Nonprofit Management and on the faculty at the Center for Nonprofit Advancement. His website is www.associationcoach.com

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  1. Desi Cabrera says:

    Great points on this new platform. You are definitely spot on that NPO’s should still find out what is interesting about Pinterest consider incorporating this platform to their social media strategies. We wrote about 5 Tips to Effectively Use Pinterest for Nonprofit Fundraising and Engagement. Stop by and check it out when you get a chance: http://www.miratelinc.com/blog/5-tips-to-effectively-use-pinterest-for-nonprofit-fundraising-and-engagement/

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