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Disaster Tips

  • If you want to volunteer for disaster work, before the next disaster strikes, get some disaster training. You will be in a better position to find meaningful volunteer work after the disaster. Online training is provided by FEMA and can be found at:
  • Developing and Managing Volunteers
    Intro Incident Command System
    National Incident Mgmt System
    National Response Framework
  • Volunteering through a voluntary organization active in the disaster provides a better chance of insurance and liability protection. By preaffiliating with an organization you can get the training they require and choose an organization that best matches with your skills and values. Using is a good first step in this regard.
  • There are many tasks to do after a disaster – cleaning up and rebuilding are two of the biggest. Various voluntary organizations and the local government may be aware of these opportunities for volunteers in the long and difficult recovery phase. Check for volunteer opportunities. If there is a Volunteer Center in the area, it is an excellent source of information about volunteer opportunities after a disaster.
  • In the immediate disaster response period there are often many people who want to volunteer at the same time. Remember to be patient. It may not be perfectly clear until a few days after the incident how a volunteer can get involved. There are often greater needs for volunteer help when the community enters the long-term recovery period. Volunteers should plan to be as self-sufficient as possible so that they are of little, if any, burden on the disaster-affected community.