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Individual Awards: Guidelines and Eligibility

award program logoPlease read these carefully because they are the basis for accepting or rejecting nominations in the individual categories.

  • Nominees may be self-nominated.
  • Nominators are expected to notify the person they wish to nominate before submitting their name for consideration.
  • Incomplete nominations (questions not answered, data fields skipped, text of recommendation letter missing, etc.) will not be considered.
  • An individual, group or business may only be nominated for one category with the exception of Maine's Roll of Honor. For example, an individual nominated for Volunteer of the Year can also be nominated for Roll of Honor if he/she donated 500 hrs of service to a specific organization or program in the past year.
  • In an effort to be green, we would like to send as many congratulation letters as possible by email. Your assistance with this effort is appreciated. Just include the email in the form submitted for any category.
  • Nominees for all organization and individual categories must have performed their service activities during the last three years.
  • Roll of Honor nominees must have completed service in the last year.  Individuals receiving a stipend for their service are not eligible for the Roll of Honor.
  • Nominees for Youth Volunteer of the Year must be age 20 or younger.
  • Individuals or groups that volunteer as part of a workplace volunteer program, internship or for course credit are eligible.
  • Individuals or groups of stipended volunteers are only eligible under the National Service category (Foster Grandparents, AmeriCorps, AmeriCorps*VISTA, Senior Companions, etc.). Nominees in this category must have performed service "above and beyond" his/her normal duties.
  • Any recipient of an individual or organization award during the past three years is not eligible for consideration. (Does not apply to the Roll of Honor.)
  • You can nominate more than one individual and/or organization; however each nomination must be submitted on a separate form. (Does not apply to the Roll of Honor.)
  • Information contained in your nomination form will be used for event publications and released to the media and elected officials. Please be sure the nominee is aware of this.
  • Board members, staff and the family members of the Maine Commission for Community Service or sponsors of the event are not eligible to receive any individual awards or take part in the nomination process.
  • Outstanding Non-Profit Volunteer Program Nominees must supply a copy of 501(c)3 certificate.