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Published January 19, 2006

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Do you want to volunteer but you don't know where?

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Do you run a non-profit that is in desperate need of supplies?

Or do you have things you'd like to donate to that non-profit in need? is your answer!!!

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Habitat for Humanity Need Volunteers in New Orleans

Habitat for Humanity wants to alert volunteers of an opportunity to work with the St. Bernard Parish Recovery Project in Louisiana. This opportunity is being coordinated exclusively through St. Bernard Parish. St. Bernard Parish, located to the southeast of New Orleans, remains one of the most devastated communities in the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. St. Bernard suffered significant structural damage to 100 percent of its residential and commercial units. St. Bernard will house volunteers in a tent city and transport them from site to site. In addition, the parish will provide three meals a day, shower and laundry facilities and wireless Internet capability.

Interested? Register for the St.

Bernard Parish Recovery Project by going to the New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity website at