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Maine VolunteerFare

FEMA: Developing and Managing Volunteers for Emergency Managers

Published May 16, 2006


This course is for emergency managers and related professionals working with all types of volunteers and coordinating with voluntary agencies. The course provides procedures and tools for building and working with voluntary organizations. Topics include:

? Benefits and challenges of using volunteers

? Building a volunteer program

? Writing job descriptions

? Developing volunteers through recruitment, placement, training, supervision and evaluation

? Coordinating with voluntary agencies and community-based organizations

? Special issues including spontaneous volunteers, liability, and stress


This course is one in the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA?s) Professional Development Series. It is designed for emergency management professionals with current or potential responsibility for managing volunteers or volunteer programs.

This course offers training in identifying volunteer resources and recruiting, assigning, training, supervising, evaluating, and motivating volunteers. The course also focuses on coordinating with voluntary agencies (VOLAGs), Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD), community-based organizations (CBOs), such as church groups or food banks, professional groups, such as physicians and mental health counselors, and business and industry. It also addresses special issues, such as spontaneous volunteers, stress management for volunteers, and legal issues, such as workers? compensation, insurance, safety and risk management, and liability.


This online course provided a certificate of completion and potential credit through FEMA. For more information and to download the class materials, visit: