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Maine VolunteerFare Tech Tip

Published September 9, 2008

Did you know allows volunteers to record their hours? This is an easy way to keep track of volunteer hours for your programs reporting needs. Once hours are entered by volunteers you can export them in a variety of ways including Excel, CSV, and PDF. For those of you that are AmeriCorps, Senior Corps, or Learn & Serve grantees it's important to note this is an approved method of hours recording by the Corporation for National and Community Service and will satisfy their reporting requirements.

Volunteers can easily record their hours:

1. Login using your individual login.

2. Click on ‘Log Hours.’

3. Select or search for the agency and opportunity you want to record hours for.

4. Fill in the dates and hours you volunteered. You can also track tasks completed here.

5. Click on ‘Okay.’

Creating an hours report is simple:

1. Login under you agency login.

2. Click on the ‘Hours Tab.’

3. Click on Export Hours

4. Select the fields you would like to export by highlighting the field and clicking on the plus '+' sign.

5.After you have selected all desired fields then click the ‘Select’ button.

6. Choose how you would like to export the data.

7. Open or save the document to your computer.