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Maine VolunteerFare

Want to take your volunteer management skills to the next level?

Published December 10, 2009

 INVEST is a new initiative to offer professional development for managers of volunteers at all skill levels across the state. Courses range from non-credit to graduate level work and online learning is available. 50% off tuition this spring only!

In today’s ever changing environment, managers of volunteers must stay on top of their game so their programs can thrive.

The benefits to you:

· Greater job satisfaction, efficiency and effectiveness
· Improved knowledge and skills which can be immediately applied to your program
· Broadened leadership skills
· Heightened credibility among your peers
· Keener awareness of ways to respond to volunteer trends
· Expanded resources and peer networks

Benefits to your program:

· An increase in well-selected, placed and trained volunteers.
· Improved volunteer satisfaction
· Enhanced volunteer productivity and  performance

To learn more, visit us online or email Elizabeth Cole.