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Registering a new agency on

Published April 3, 2009

Heard about and think it’s time to see what the fuss is about? Luckily, signing a new agency up on and creating an agency account is a piece of cake. First though, to avoid the aggravation of stopping to find the information you’ll need in the registration process, collect the following information:

-Who will be responsible for managing this agency’s profile on, and what is their contact information?
-If the person who will be contacted about opportunity listings is different from the person responsible for managing your agency’s profile, what is their contact information?
-Have all the people in your agency who will be using the site agreed on a password for the agency’s profile?
-Your agency’s EIN if you would like to include that in your registration.
- What is your agency’s mission statement? How does your agency describe its services?

Once you’ve got all of that easy to hand, it’s time to get the registration process started!

1. Point your browser to
2. Under ‘Program & Staff Resources’, select ‘Post & Manage Opportunities’
3. Look at the list of counties displayed, and select the home county of your agency
4. Under ‘New Agencies,’ select ‘Register Here!’

After that, follow the onscreen directions and your agency profile will be ready for approval by a site administrator!