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VolunteerMaine VISTA Project Recruiting

Published April 28, 2010

VolunteerMaine VISTA members support the development a network of "volunteer centers without walls" as a means of establishing a basic infrastructure to connect volunteer programs with each other and potential volunteers, prepare volunteer programs to participate in emergency response efforts during local emergencies, and develop a common set of resources to sustain core activities of volunteer centers.

Members will be placed with volunteer connector organizations throughout the state and develop statewide initiatives as a team.  These positions offer many opportunities to build skills around community organizing, volunteer management, leadership, and more.  Activities include: conducting outreach and education on; developing and implementing volunteer programs; providing volunteer management trainings; developing train-the-trainer programs, and supporting peer-to-peer networks.We anticipate openings at  the United Way of Eastern Maine in Bangor, Maine Commission for Community Service in Augusta (this position will have a service learning focus), Seniors Plus in Lewiston, United Way Greater Portland in Portland and United Way of Mid Maine in Waterville.  All positions provide an annual living allowance, health benefit, and end of service educational award or cash stipend, plus additional benefits to eligible member. If you, or anyone you know, is interested in applying please contact VISTA Leaders Sandy Tardiff, at 207-581-3327,  or Brad Hunter, at 207-287-1588.