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Get your Blog on!

Published June 8, 2010

Blogs, defined as "shared on-line journals where people can reflect, share opinions, and discuss various topics," have quickly become a part of our daily interaction.  Just ask anyone you know and, chances are, they have a blog(s) that they read nearly every day.  That's easy to do because there's no shortage of blogs to read!  In fact, according to blog search-engine and measurement firm Technorati, 23,000 new weblogs are created every day-or about one every three seconds. 

So why have blogs become so popular?  It's largely due to the fact that blogs put people in contact with each other where they can learn and share ideas.  Blogs give people the chance to express opinions, experiences, views, and ideas and provides two-way interaction where comments from readers can create dialogue with the blogger or other readers.  It's an easy, accessible, and free way to exchange ideas and learn more about topics of interest.

Is volunteering a topic that interests you?  If so, check out the blog!  It provides an online community where volunteers and volunteer managers can share resources and further develop their knowledge, skills, and abilities.  Recent topics include volunteer management, recruitment, and retention, managing performance and utilizing the latest technology.

The blog provides a great way to distinguish yourself as a leader in the field of volunteer management and will help to shape a dialogue with other volunteer managers about the issues that impact your work.  Simply subscribe to the blog-or sign up to become a guest blogger!  For more information, or to submit a blog, email